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Since 1998, CANITROT & Co has become a key actor in the Music Business as an independent promotion agency dealing with communication, public relations and artist development.


CANITROT & Co’s highly qualified and dynamic team uses its experience and unique network of contacts for the benefit of record companies, labels, editors, artists and managers, providing the following services:


• Radio promotion.


• TV promotion.


• Press promotion.


• Club promotion.


• Web promotion (Music Web sites, Social Networks, Web Radios).


• Events strategy and special product launches.


With expertise in promotion and artistic development, CANITROT & Co is also a reliable partner for:


• Setting up the promotional marketing strategy prior to the release of a record.


• Promotional activities (interviews, live acoustic performances, radio PA’s, dedications…).


• Welcoming and accompanying artists on promotional visits or in concert.


• Increasing media awareness of show-cases or happenings.


• Mediatisation of special events (shows, evenings, festivals…).


• Seeking media partners.




Our approach :


CANITROT & Co leads the projects towards success and follows them with rigor. This philosophy of work is applied whatever the clients, artists, media or the partners are.



Successively Press Attaché, then Head of Promotion within majors such as Virgin Records France, CBS/Sony Music, Island Records, Chrysalis/EMI and MCA/Geffen Records/ Universal,  Jean Michel Canitrot anticipated the changes in progress in the music industry by creating CANITROT & Co.


Founder and leading force of CANITROT & Co, he has worked with the most prestigious artists at one time or another in their career (U2, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Amy Winehouse, Guns & Roses, Sade, The Eagles, George Michael, Billy Idol, Toto, Genesis, Simple Minds, Robert Palmer…). He has also contributed to the development of artists who have since become stars (Craig David, Noa, Melissa Etheridge, LeAnn Rimes…).


Over the years, Jean Michel Canitrot has gained respect and recognition from the media, from artists, their managers and record industry professionals.


His solid experience, together with an intricate knowledge of the promotion process, handed down by his elders, has given Jean Michel Canitrot the desire to reconcile old-school or ‘vintage’ promotional values with the latest modern communication tools.

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